Black Lives Matter

Hodges Taylor stands against racism and believes that Black Lives Matter.

We believe in the power of objects to communicate deep truths. That’s why it’s important to elevate more makers within the fields of art, design, and craft by bringing more hands, and therefore voices, to the table.

As part of these efforts, and in honor of our Artist Partners, we’ve made a gift to Crafting The Future in support of their work to empower young, underrepresented artists while addressing the lack of racial and ethnic diversity in the craft world. This artist collective was organized last year by Penland-based artists who we deeply respect. Scholarships provide artists with workshops and other opportunities to hone their craft and enhance their careers.

We know this is a small and simple gesture to a tangled and deeply-rooted problem, but we all must start somewhere.

Please consider joining Crafting the Future as a Member Artist or by making a donation as you are able to support their good work.

We are thankful for all the artists who add richness and depth to the fabric of our artist communities.