Deadline: Sunday, January 28, 2024 at 11:59 PM EST
Date Issued: January 5, 2024
No fee to apply


Hodges Taylor, a project-based consulting firm in Charlotte, North Carolina, is excited to announce a unique opportunity within our gallery space. Over the past few years’ we’ve been busy behind-the-scenes transforming spaces and places for our consulting clients both near and far. We are hosting an open call for projects, to flip the script and transition from consultant to client. In this Open Call, we are seeking creative proposals to share our space for up to a six-week period in 2024. 

This opportunity is open to creatives from any discipline – artists, curators, architects, galleries, art consultants, designers, cultural institutions, universities, and other cultural producers wishing to utilize a shared space in the South End neighborhood, centrally located in a bustling neighborhood with light rail access just a block away.  Local and out-of-state organizers are welcomed to apply. Our call for projects extends to a variety of creative proposals including but is not limited to, exhibitions, public programs, private work or studio spaces, workshops, and pop up initiatives.


Up to five projects may be selected for up to a six-week period. Finalists will be contacted by Friday, February 2, 2024. Hodges Taylor may adjust the dates but the following provides a guide of the proposed project terms.

Proposed Project Terms:

February 19 to April 1, 2024
April 15 to May 27, 2024
June 10 to July 22, 2024
August 26 to October 7, 2024
October 21 to December 2, 2024

What are we looking for?

While our roots are firmly planted in the fields of art, design, and architecture – we welcome projects from any and all creative corners. 

Whether your vision is introspective and personal or outward facing and interactive – we’re interested in hearing your idea. We encourage a variety of proposals that include, visual art exhibitions, pop-ups, public programming, private work/studio space, workshops, retail initiatives, and beyond. 

We highly encourage you to be as detailed as possible in your proposal. However, we recognize that it’s not always feasible to have complete certainty in every aspect of a project, such as finalizing the complete list of artists for a curated group show. Therefore, while we appreciate specificity wherever possible, we also understand the need for flexibility. Rest assured, we are open to dialogues and adjustments as your ideas develop or change.

Proposals should not include any projects with the food and beverage industry or health and wellness. 

What else should you know?

Gallery Space. Approximately 550 square feet of gallery space, featuring ceilings up to 10 feet, complete with versatile overhead and spot lighting to help bring your proposal to life.

Operations. Project team members will have 24/7 access to Hodges Taylor gallery, however, access is not for public events which must be coordinated with Hodges Taylor in advance. Hodges Taylor uses the front area of the gallery for daily operations. A single restroom is available for everyone’s use. Back of the house storage space is limited.

Staffing. The project space will not be staffed by Hodges Taylor on a regular basis, as we operate by appointment only. Organizers will be responsible for staffing their project for any daily hours, public programs, or special events they choose to host after approval from Hodges Taylor. 

Project Dates: Proposals do not need to span the full six weeks – we welcome proposals for projects of shorter durations. 

Sounds. During regular office hours, Hodges Taylor will be meeting with clients so a shared respect is expected.

Installation. The gallery is equipped with plywood-backed walls and floor-based power sources. Basic installation supplies like ladders, carts, and select supplies. Projects must be set up and removed within designated times. All alterations need prior approval, and the space must be returned to its original condition post project. 

Marketing. Applicants should consider their own marketing efforts should the project be open to the public or require promotion.

Insurance. Hodges Taylor will require a Certificate of Insurance from project organizers in keeping with the proposed scope and use. 

Revenue and Expenses: Organizers are responsible for processing their sales and will retain sales proceeds. Any expenses incurred as part of implementing the project are the responsibility of the organizer. 


For more information, and floor plan requests, please contact Susan Jedrzejewski via email at

To Apply: 

Submit your application here. There is no fee to apply.