About the 2024 Organizer Series

The 2024 Organizer Series at Hodges Taylor is programed from proposals submitted as part of an open call for projects. This period marks the beginning of a series designed to showcase innovative organizers who will bring diverse and vibrant programming to our community and space. 

PAIRING: Contemporary Art + Antiques

OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, April 27 from 12 to 2 PM
OPEN HOUSE: Friday, May 10 from 5.30 to 7.30 PM
Additional Open Hours by Appointment

From the organizers:

Marta Gualda (Marta Gualda Artifacts) and Nuria Fernández (Espacio Liquido Gallery) have created PAIRING in order to transform the space into an enlightened juxtaposition of the antique and the modern, where the items held within the reinvisioned cabinet of curiosities play off each other as if they were having a conversation. In their exhibition, the intersection of contemporary art and antiques has emerged as a fascinating dialogue between tradition and innovation, creating a vibrant and dynamic space within the art world. The organizers bring together the rich cultural heritage of antiques with the avant-garde expressions of contemporary art, resulting in a harmonious blend of artistic vision and historical significance.

Traditionally, the world of antiques has been associated with the preservation and appreciation of historical artifacts, showcasing the craftsmanship and artistic traditions of past eras. However, contemporary art challenges and redefines these traditional boundaries by exploring new concepts, materials, and mediums. This clash of old and new, tradition and innovation, has sparked a compelling and ongoing conversation within the art community.

Contemporary artists are increasingly drawing inspiration from antique objects and artwork, incorporating them into their contemporary creations. From repurposing antique materials to reimagining traditional techniques, these artists pay homage to the past while infusing their work with a fresh perspective. The juxtaposition of antique elements within contemporary art invites viewers to contemplate the evolution of artistic expression and the enduring influence of history on the present.

Simultaneously, antiques are finding new relevance and appreciation within the contemporary art world. Collectors and curators are recognizing the inherent value of antique objects as more than just artifacts of the past. They see them as sources of inspiration for contemporary artists, with profound narratives and cultural contexts that resonate with audiences today. Exhibitions and galleries dedicated to showcasing the relationship between contemporary art and antiques are gaining popularity and providing a platform for artists and collectors to explore this rich connection.

The symbiotic relationship between contemporary art and antiques is an opportunity to bridge the gap between different generations and artistic movements. By embracing the fusion of tradition and innovation, the art community is fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of both contemporary and historical artwork. This collaboration encourages artists to push the boundaries of their creativity while honoring the artistic heritage that preceded them.

As we continue to navigate evolving artistic landscapes, the connection between contemporary art and antiques serves as a reminder that art is a continuum, where the past and present coexist and inspire each other. It challenges us to question and appreciate the ongoing dialogue between tradition and innovation, pushing the boundaries of artistic expression and embracing the rich diversity of perspectives that shape our world.


Marta Gualda: 704-796-1525, info@martagualda.com
Nuria Fernández: 737-336-4869, nuriaffranco@gmail.com