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Innovation + Technology Center

Financial Services

The installation of three distinct, site-specific murals at the Innovation and Technology Center designed to spur innovation and enhance client experiences. This transformed space, once a vast trading floor, now stands as a modern hub for collaboration, where engineers, designers, and customers unite to redefine banking.

The murals embody the spirit of technological advancement and community, reflecting on the pioneers of the past while looking forward to the future of innovation. These artworks not only contribute to the aesthetic appeal but also serve as a source of inspiration and reflection for all who visit, reinforcing the center’s role as a crucible for creative solutions and groundbreaking ideas in the banking industry.

Interior design by Perkins&Will. Photography by Halkin | Mason Photography.

East Wall

Site-Specific Mural

Imagine the impossible pays homage to Alan Turing, a pioneering figure in computing, through a captivating visual narrative. It showcases a portrait of Turing with gears beneath symbolizing the mechanics behind the first computer. This imagery transitions into a depiction of ants working collaboratively to elevate a leaf, evolving into a DNA strand and then pixelating into binary code. This sequence not only highlights Turing’s contributions but also reflects on the blend of technology and biology, a theme central to his work. The binary code across the mural spells out a Turing quote, emphasizing the power of imagination in creating the impossible, directly linking the artwork back to Turing’s revolutionary vision for computing.

IRISOL GONZALEZ, Imagine the impossible, 2021. Site-specific commission.

By incorporating those who once dreamed beyond their time, those who encounter their story today can be inspired to collaborate and innovate. The use of natural components in the design fosters connectivity to each other and to our world. Scientists and engineers observe how problems are solved in nature and mimic their solutions through technology. It’s important to incorporate the machines that Turing and Johnson used in order to highlight the use of technology as a tool. These concepts offer a look into the past for inspiration from what was, what is, and what is next.”

Irisol Gonzalez, Artist

West Wall

Site-Specific Mural

The link between nature and magic honors Katherine Johnson, a pivotal figure in NASA’s history, celebrated for her calculations that propelled the first Americans into space and to the moon. Johnson’s image is set against a backdrop of the early women mathematicians at NASA, highlighting the groundbreaking contributions of women in STEM and the barriers they’ve surmounted. Adjacent to her, a globe symbolizes the remarkable evolution of tools that have shaped our world. A path of discrete math formulas unfolds before her, representing the foundation of computer algorithms, leading to a silicon chip-patterned leaf that echoes natural designs, emphasizing nature’s role in inspiring innovation. This leaf, specifically from a coffee plant, playfully nods to Java programming language, connecting the organic with the digital. The formulas extend into a cosmic space, dissolving into the vast, mysterious expanse of the universe, capturing the limitless potential of mathematics and technology.

IRISOL GONZALEZ, The link between nature and magic, 2021. Site-specific commission.


Site-specific Dimensional Mural

Triangulation by Martha Clippinger is a vibrant, site-specific dimensional mural that brings a contemporary burst of energy and color to its surroundings. Through a dynamic interplay of geometric shapes and a bold color palette, the mural embodies the interconnectedness of ideas, innovation, and community. Clippinger uses alternating patterns of color and form to create an uplifting visual rhythm, with areas of flat color symbolizing open opportunities and striped sections representing the formation of connections. This design not only enhances the aesthetic of the space but also serves as a metaphor for collaboration, merging diverse experiences and concepts to foster innovation. The use of mosaic elements further emphasizes the importance of collective purpose, making the work of art a visually engaging piece that encourages viewers to think about the ways in which individual parts contribute to a greater whole.

MARTHA CLIPPINGER, triangulation, 2021. Site-specific commission.

MARTHA CLIPPINGER, triangulation, 2021. Site-specific commission.

Additional Projects