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Public Art


We facilitated three large-scale public art commissions for a client’s new headquarters in Uptown Charlotte to celebrate the city and the company’s mission. The site-specific works are freely accessible to the public, and emphasize the company’s commitment to powering the vitality of its communities.

Architect: TVS. Photography: Reuben Bloom and Ben Premeaux. Videos: Basic Cable.

LUFTWERK, Journey of the Sun, 2023. Site-specific commission in collaboration with Volume Gallery.

Lobby Ceiling Plinth

Suspended sculpture on the ceiling plinth of the client’s lobby, consisting of eighty-five borosilicate glass discs, each eighteen inches in diameter and coated via a vacuum deposition of thin film dichroic, suspended with aluminum rods and alight with LED lighting. The sculpture is accompanied with a commissioned video composition on the adjacent AV wall by the artists.

Inspired by the sun’s spectral wavelength and the movement of light, Journey of the Sun follows an analemma – a diagram that traces the sun’s position from a fixed position on Earth throughout a year. The eighty-five convex translucent color coated glass discs are suspended and arranged in the shape of a slender figure eight curve, like an analemma. The sculpture seemingly floats within the client’s lobby, its integrated illumination creates an array of caustics and reflections on the ceiling plinth. The refractions of colors, ranging from yellow, red, blue mix and overlay creating an organic and dynamic sense of fluidity. Journey of the Sun is accompanied by a video piece, both echoing the spectral hues and energy of the daily spectacle of light on earth.

Journey of the Sun imitates the full range of colors of the wavelength of light, gradually shifting and transforming the space into an ephemeral glow, immersing visitors in spectral tones of hues.

LUFTWERK, Journey of the Sun, 2023. Site-specific commission in collaboration with Volume Gallery.

Hodges Taylor was engaged in an art consulting role to manage the artist selection, art production, fabrication, and install of a very large corporate facility in the heart of uptown Charlotte. Hodges Taylor was a fantastic partner throughout the entire process, providing thought leadership on art selection, alignment with corporate mission and vision, engagement with community stakeholders, and organization to a complicated, public art scope and schedule. With Hodges Taylor’s guidance, the project was able to tap into a wide range of artists – from local/regional to global recognition – while staying true to budget. Our project wouldn’t have been as successful without the guidance of Lauren Harkey and the Hodges Taylor team.”

Workplace Strategy, Client Team

Onsite with artist Petra Bachmaier during installation.


Exterior Plaza Sculptures

Photons is a three-dimensional sculpture installation. The work consists of two large-scale “starburst” structures that project upwards from the plaza. The arrayed armatures that compose the “bursts” are topped with LED fixtures that illuminate both the structure and the plaza. An important secondary aspect of the installation is a five-story facade that is composed of back-lit perforated metal panels inscribed with images of other photon inspired imagery that mimic the sculptures in the plaza. The result is a plaza that is composed of, framed and illuminated by actual light and light inspired form.

IVAN TOTH DEPENA, Photons, 2023. Site-specific commission.

The overall concept and form were based on the idea of physically representing the photon – the smallest particle of light or electromagnetic energy. The installation was commissioned by an American electrical power company so during the initial ideation phase I chose to base the conceptual framework around the idea of light and energy. Being that light is actually made of these small particles, I thought it would be an interesting departure to imagine light’s physical structure.”


Visiting the fabrication studio with artist Ivan Toth Depeña.

Dimensional Mural

A three-dimensional mural by Nigerian native and Brooklyn, NY-based artist Olalekan Jeyifous symbolizes the rich history and cultural heritage of the former Brooklyn neighborhood, a predominantly Black community in Charlotte’s Second Ward that was razed in the city’s “urban renewal” movement in the 1960s and ‘70s.

OLALEKAN JEYIFOUS, Illumitage, 2023. Site-specific commission.

Ultimately, I hope this mural will provide the community inspiration for the future. This piece recognizes an important, culturally relevant part of our community’s history. While we can’t change the events of the past, I hope people will be proud that one of the community’s larger corporations recognizes the spirit and diversity that makes Charlotte special.”

Workplace Design Lead

WATCH + LEARN: Documenting the Process

Videos by Basic Cable.


Luftwerk: Analemma

Ivan Depeña: Photon/s

Olalekan Jeyifous: Illumitage

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