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Focusing on technology and touch, the artwork commissioned for this unique technology-infused destination helps promote circulation through the space. Designed to inspire people coming together, the uplifting murals also celebrate technological pioneer, Alan Turing, known as the father of computers and trailblazing mathematician, Katherine Johnson, who worked for NASA.

“By incorporating those who once dreamed beyond their time, those who encounter their story today can be inspired to collaborate and innovate. The use of natural components in the design fosters connectivity to each other and to our world. Scientists and engineers observe how problems are solved in nature and mimic their solutions through technology. It’s important to incorporate the machines that Turing and Johnson used in order to highlight the use of technology as a tool. These concepts offer a look into the past for inspiration from what was, what is, and what is next.” – Irisol Gonzalez

Interior design by Perkins&Will. Photography by Halkin | Mason Photography.

IRISOL GONZALEZ, Imagine the impossible, 2021, site-specific mural, 25 x 13 feet approximately.

IRISOL GONZALEZ, The link between nature and magic, 2021, site-specific mural, 25 x 13 feet approximately.

MARTHA CLIPPINGER, triangulation, 2021, site-specific dimensional mural.

Exterior view.