Image by Lydia Bittner-Baird.

A series of artist-led workshops between Hodges Taylor + Riff Ideas​

SHIFT offer​s​ an invitation to enter into an artist’s creative process through a series of virtual workshops. ​​With hands-on activities to enhance creative thinking, challenge perspectives and reflexive habits you will enhance and appreciate your own creative capacity. Each 90-minute workshop is designed and delivered in collaboration with Riff Ideas and one of Hodges Taylor’s artist partners. Workshops are designed for anyone interested in creativity, no need to have artistic ability. SHIFT is presented free of charge with the support of the Center City Small Business Innovation Fund.

Saturday, December 19 from 10 to 11:30 AM
Hosted by Hodges Taylor

Explore the nature of memory and reflect on the details of our past with Charlotte-based artist Thomas Schmidt and Riff Ideas. During the free virtual workshop, participants will create memory collages while using their hands and everyday materials to enhance their own creative thinking.

Materials you’ll need for this workshop:

Lined notebook paper ( 5+ sheets)
– Any random scraps of paper, receipts, magazines, photographs, etc (but not precious as they will get sliced up!)
– Any available drawing utensils: pens, pencils, crayons, highlighters, whiteout, etc
– Scissors
– Glue stick
– Masking tape
– Ruler and/or 90° square
– Vellum, tracing paper, tissue paper (or any other translucent paper)
– Optional: x-Acto knife or box cutter and cutting mat or cutting board
– Optional: Journal or notebook to jot down thoughts

What else you should know: 

– Registration is limited. You will be emailed instructions on how to attend the workshop upon registration.
– No need to be an artist or think that you have artistic ability. The workshop is for everyone interested in creativity.
– The workshop will be broadcast live via Zoom. Prior to the workshop, please download and install Zoom, it’s free to use.
– Participants will be muted upon entry, but you’ll be able to utilize the “chat” window to type your questions in real time.
– You are encouraged (but not required) to attend with your camera on.
– Please plan to “arrive” on time, the workshop will start promptly at 10 AM.
– Questions? Contact us at